photo by takaramahaya

小山理恵 木琴奏者


クラシックから現代音楽の奏法をマリンバで学び、2012年より卓上木琴を始める。以後、おそらく日本で唯一の卓上木琴奏者として日々研究、研鑽を積む。 主な活動中のバンドは、オドラータ、きつねのトンプソン。




現在、使用楽器は福井県こおろぎ社のMX32R、アメリカDEAGAN社のdrummer's special 844。

xylophone : Rie Koyama

learned classic and contemporary music based on the marimba and started playing the tiny desktop xylophone in 2012.

Since then, she has been as probably the only tiny xylophone player in Japan.

Rie is also a composer and released her album "a cleaver inchworm" ,all music played by tiny korogi xylophones ,in 2020.

Rie has studied xylophone and marimba with Yoshihisa Mizuno.

Her favorite xylophones are MX32R by korogi Japan and drummer's special 844 by deagan US.